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‘Looks Like He Pooped His Pants’: The View Goes South While Discussing Trump’s Appearance In North Carolina



The View

Monday’s edition of ABC’s “The View” erupted after co-host Joy Behar said that former President Donald Trump appeared to have “pooped his pants” during his speech in North Carolina over the weekend.

Behar’s assertion came as the co-hosts addressed the ongoing battle involving Trump and his bulging pants during the event that caused Twitter to break into hysterics over the MAGA leader’s ill-fitting trousers.

Sunny Hostin pointed out that if Trump is a billionaire he should probably have a better tailor.

Meghan McCain noted that even ex-presidents must present themselves in a way that is befitting to their former office.

“Otherwise you can look like a crazy, ex-mad-king and he’s been like a wedding singer at Mar-a-Lago and he just looks really disheveled. And he doesn’t look good,” McCain said. “I mean, I’m not one of these people who, like, a Jim Acosta where I’m always dunking on him, but this is not how — if he’s really looking to, like, lead the party, this is not the way that he should present himself for a lot of different reasons.”

Whoopi Goldberg asked Joy Behar if the pants disturbed her as much as they did many on Twitter.

“Well, they make him look crazy,” she began. “They make him look crazy. On Fox News they talk about how Joe Biden is suffering from di dementia. Well, hello, Joe Biden is riding his bike and leading the country quite well. This guy is wearing pants that look like he pooped in them.”

“Oh my God!” exclaimed McCain.

“Oh my God,” Behar said mocking her.

“No, I mean, we had a conversation with standards before that and they said we weren’t allowed to say that,” McCain said, referring to network censors. Behar said that she didn’t know anything about anti-poop comments from the network.

Watch the exchange below via The View.