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Liz Cheney Destroys Marjorie Taylor Greene For Siding With Putin



Marjorie Taylor Greene and Liz Cheney

Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) schooled fellow GOP congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene after the Georgia lawmaker vowed to cut all funding to Ukraine if Republicans take the House. Cheney described her remarks as “exactly what Putin wants”.

Speaking at a rally in Sioux City, Iowa, on Thursday night, Greene voiced support for Russian President Vladimir Putin as she declared: “Under Republicans, not another penny will go to Ukraine.”

Greene was joined by former president Donald Trump as the pair of MAGA Republicans took the stage to stump for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and US Senator Chuck Grassley in next week’s midterms.

In response, Rep. Cheney issued a strong condemnation of the Georgia lawmaker’s threat of cutting funding to Ukraine.

“This is exactly what Putin wants,” Cheney tweeted on Thursday night with a clip of Greene’s remarks on the Iowa stage. “If we’d had Republicans like this in the 1980s, we would have lost the Cold War.”

Minutes later Greene fired back, writing: “There are two things that are in the past. 1. You and your Daddy’s Republican Party that sent our military to fight foreign wars on the backs of American tax dollars and didn’t win a damn thing. 2. You.”

But Cheney was not backing down and took the opportunity to further discredit the QAnon congresswoman.

“Here’s some history for you, Marjorie. Russia was part of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was Communist. Putin was a member of the KGB. Communism & KGB = bad,” she tweeted on Friday, delivering her takedown in simple terms with a schoolteacher’s irony. “America won the Cold War. It was a great victory for freedom. Now you stand with Putin against freedom & America.”

Check the exchange below:


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