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Liz Cheney Comes Out Swinging at GOP Enablers of ‘The Orange Jesus’



Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming)
Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming). (Photo: Archive)

Former Rep. Liz Cheney’s upcoming book, “Oath and Honor,” unveils a scathing critique of the Republican Party, branding her colleagues as “enablers and collaborators” of Donald Trump. Cheney accuses them of betraying their oath to the Constitution for political gain, particularly after the 2020 election.

The book, obtained by CNN ahead of its December 5 release, details Cheney’s realization of the GOP’s “cowardice” and the dangers posed by supporting Trump, whom she deems “the most dangerous man ever to inhabit the Oval Office.”

Cheney reveals behind-the-scenes dynamics within the House’s January 6 committee, naming fellow Republicans and describing their complicity as a threat to democracy. She vows to do whatever it takes to prevent Trump’s return to the White House, even considering a 2024 presidential run if he becomes the GOP nominee.

A gripping section of the book details Cheney’s experience leading up to the January 6 attack and her growing concerns about Trump inciting violence. Cheney reveals, for the first time, that on January 4, she was inadvertently included in a White House surrogate call where Trump’s allies discussed plans to overturn the election by pressuring then-Vice President Mike Pence.

Included in the group was Representative Mark Green of Tennessee,” notes Cheney in her book. “Moving along the line, signing the papers, Green sheepishly remarked to no one in particular, ‘The things we do for the Orange Jesus.'”

Leaving the Capitol that night, Cheney felt a profound unease, unsure if Pence could resist Trump’s pressure. In a text from former Speaker Paul Ryan on January 5, he expressed worries but believed Pence wouldn’t yield.

On the morning of January 6, Cheney’s father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, warned her after Trump’s speech urging the crowd to eliminate “the Liz Cheneys of the world.” Despite her concerns, nothing prepared Cheney for the violence of the attack. As the House went into lockdown, she recounts a tense encounter with Jim Jordan, rejecting his assistance and blaming him for the chaos.

“Jim Jordan approached me,” Cheney writes. “‘We need to get the ladies off the aisle,’ he said and put out his hand. ‘Let me help you.’”

“I swatted his hand away. ‘Get away from me. You f—ing did this,’” Cheney says she responded.

Cheney further alleges that McCarthy repeatedly lied and opted for a “craven” approach by aligning with Trump. She recalls the moment she discovered that McCarthy, concerned about losing fundraising support, clandestinely visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago just three weeks after the January 6 attack.

Cheney’s book extends criticism beyond House Republicans, condemning Senate Republicans and right-wing media for perpetuating Trump’s lies. She reveals details of conversations with Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell and urges Fox News to debunk election lies, highlighting the network’s decision to cancel a show that aimed to counter disinformation.

The book concludes with a warning for 2024, asserting that Trump poses a danger to the country, and a call for collective action across party lines to defeat him and his supporters.

“Every one of us – Republican, Democrat, Independent – must work and vote together to ensure that Donald Trump and those who have appeased, enabled, and collaborated with him are defeated. This is the cause of our time,” Cheney wrote.