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Lindsey Graham Says He’ll Donate 500K To Trump’s Legal Fund



Sen. Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, announced Thursday evening that he will donate $500,000 to President Donald Trump’s legal fund as the president launches a barrage of lawsuits in an effort to have the courts tilt the election in his favor.

“I’m going to donate $500,000 tonight to President Trump’s defense legal fund,” Graham told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “The allegations of wrongdoing are earth-shattering. It makes the Carter Page warrant application look on the up and up. So, Senate Republicans are going to be briefed by the Trump campaign Saturday, and every Senate Republican and House Republican needs to get on television and tell this story.”

The development comes as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is on the brink of clinching 270 electoral votes to become the next president of the United States. Biden is ahead in the states of Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

Watch the video below: