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Lindsey Graham Says Russia Bounty Report Is ‘BS,’ Rants About Benghazi As He Attempts To Defend Trump: Watch



Linsey Graham appeared on Fox & Friends on Wednesday where he tried to justify Donald Trump’s inaction against Russia by claiming that the reports were “B.S” and then ranting about Benghazi.

“Where were all these Democrats when Benghazi was on fire, when they were calling for help from the consulate?” Graham said, “The president of the United States Obama was briefed and went to bed and never called anybody for a day and a half while our people were being slaughtered in Benghazi. Where was the outrage then?”

According to Graham, the “conflicting intelligence” regarding the Russian bounty story “does not justify a nation stage conflict with Russia.” Graham also defended Trump’s apparent lack of knowledge of the bounties, saying that you “don’t tell the president of the United States everything you would tell a second lieutenant.”

That’s when Graham claimed that the way the story played out in the media is “all B.S.”

“He wasn’t briefed. And there was no consensus,” he said.

Take a look at Graham’s remarks in the video clip below:

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