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Lindsey Graham Ignores Trump’s Smear Of US Soldiers, Praises Him For ‘Saving’ Military Publication



Amid the furor over President Donald Trump’s derogatory comments about U.S. troops captured or killed in action, in which he described them as “suckers” and “losers,” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Saturday praised Trump for “saving” a military publication while ignoring the president’s demeaning remarks.

As Politico pointed out on Saturday, “Republican lawmakers have largely avoided making any public statements criticizing Trump over his comments.” So it’s surprising to see Graham ignore the president’s smearing of U.S. military personnel.

In fact, Graham, who served in both the Air Force and the Air Force Reserve and received a Bronze Star, decided to take time out from his busy schedule to praise the president on Twitter for not defunding the military magazine “Stars & Stripes” while avoiding to condemn the president’s highly controversial remarks.

Graham’s tweet was met with an avalanche of negative responses, with many pointing out that “Trump was behind the defunding of Stars and Stripes.”