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Lindsey Graham Calls On Senate Hearing Against The Election In Attempt To Overturn Results



Donald Trump isn’t the only one pushing conspiracy theories about the election results. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has decided to echo the president’s cries about election voter fraud helping Joe Biden win.

On Tuesday, Graham announced that the Senate Judiciary Committee will be conducting a hearing next week called, “Breaking the News: Censorship, Suppression, and the 2020 Election,” according to Reuter’s Patricia Zengerle.

The news comes one day after Graham told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that, “We’re now finding potentially that 25,000 nursing home residents in different nursing homes requested mail-in ballots at the exact same time. Somebody is up to no good in these nursing homes.”

Graham has also publicly thanked Trump for helping him maintain his seat in the Senate.

“I’m here to stand with President [Donald J. Trump] — he stood with me,” Graham tweeted Monday. “He’s the reason we’re going to have a Senate Majority.”

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