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Lawmakers Corner House Republicans By Forcing Them To Vote On Legislation Affirming That Trump Doesn’t Have ‘Total Authority’



House Democrats on Tuesday introduced legislation rebuking resident Donald Trump’s claim his “total authority” over the states during a Coronavirus Task Force press briefing on Monday. The lawmakers also challenged Republicans in the house to vote against the resolution that can only pass by unanimous vote.

Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) joined Minnesota Democrat Dean Phillips and Michigan Independent Justin Amash to file a single-sentence resolution reaffirming that Trump, or any future U.S. president, does not have total authority over the states and affirms that the chamber’s members are in agreement “the president remains limited by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

As noted by Newsweek, “the House resolution responds to Trump’s remarks Monday declaring he has “total” authority over state governors to reopen the economy when he decides to pull back on weeks of federal government social distancing guidelines. The president did not offer any details about how he plans to assert his power given the states’ rights restrictions present in the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.”

Malinowski took to Twitter to announce the resolution.

“I introduced this one-sentence House resolution this morning, with @RepDeanPhillips and @justinamash,” Malinowski wrote. “We can only pass things with unanimous consent these days, so I’m curious if anyone will object,” he added.

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