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Laura Ingraham Says Trump Sympathizes With Black People Because He Went Through Police Brutality With Mueller Probe



Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who has had made a share of racist comments in the past, is now trying to use the murder of George Floyd to get black Americans to vote for Donald Trump in November.

This week, we saw a man get his life taken from him by a policeman who decided to choke him with his knee while he begged for another breath.

This isn’t the first time a black man’s life has been taken away by a police officer. But according to Ingraham, Trump can sympathise with black Americans because he has faced similar police brutality when he was investigated by former special counsel Robert Mueller.

During a segment this week, Ingraham tried to “sympathise” with black Americans only to end up defending police officers.

“Now, I’m not going to pretend for a millisecond to know what it’s like to be a black person in America. I don’t,” Ingraham, who once claimed that Martin Luther King Jr. would be a Trump supporter if he were alive today, said. “But the only thing I do know is that we all need to do better.”

That’s when she switched focus to defending law enforcement.

“It’s important that we also push back against the notion that all police officers can never be trusted or that America — just at its core — is some caldron boiling over with pure racism and inequality,” she continued.

Ingraham then pivoted to Russia, claiming that Trump understands police brutality because he faced something similar with the Mueller probe.

“And to our African-American fellow citizens, I say this: Given his own experience with an out-of-control FBI and unfair investigation, given all the work on criminal justice reform, President Trump knows how poisonous and out-of-control law enforcement process can be,” Ingraham said.

“We should spend more time trying to work together to ensure we have a more fair and just society,” she then added.

Take a look at her remarks in the video clip below:

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