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Kentucky Voters Demand Entrance After Being Locked Out Of Polling Station On Election Day: Watch



A judge had to intervene and ordered an injunction that forced the only polling place in Louisville, Kentucky, to keep its doors open for another half an hour after voters were locked out despite arriving on time.

Kentucky had limited polling stations after the state decided to shut down 95 percent of its polling stations ahead of Tuesday’s primary election.

Kentucky has among the strictest voting deadlines in the country, with polls closing at 6 pm ET.

The injunction by the judge came after people started protesting when they were locked out of the polling station.

Although state laws generally count anyone who got in line before the polls closed as still eligible to vote, problems arose because several people reportedly had to wait up to half an hour to park — with some of them arriving well before polls closed but not making it to the door until three minutes after.

Below, you can see videos and images of the event.

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