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Kellyanne Defends Trump’s Plan To Reopen Country Prematurely By Saying He Already ‘Saved Millions Of Lives’: Watch



White House adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News on Monday where she defended Donald Trump and his supporters that want to reopen the country prematurely to “save the economy.”

According to Conway, Trump has already “saved millions of lives” and the country should open back up as soon as possible.

During the interview, host Sandra Smith noted that the president has repeatedly encouraged protests against stay-at-home orders in states with Democratic governors.

“Is the president, is the White House task team concerned that [the protesters] might be spreading the virus?” Smith wondered.

“Look, we took great action, immediate action by banning travel from China,” Conway replied, dodging the question.

“[Trump] has saved millions of lives in so doing,” she insisted. “So we’re the ones that have 15 days to slow the spread and then an additional 30 to slow the spread. So, we’re second to no one in terms of saying, do what you must to slow the spread and keep it that way.”

Conway then suggested that liberal media are pushing to keep the economy closed until a COVID-19 vaccine can be developed.

“Were we ever intended to have the entire government and our economy shut down until we have a vaccine?” the president’s adviser asked. “That’s the balance people have to know. We have to learn how to live with the virus while we’re doing testing, while we’re doing therapeutics, while we’re developing a vaccine.”

“Also remember, our critical infrastructure workers have never stopped working,” Conway added. “That gives you a good roadmap on how to reopen pieces of the economy sensibly and smartly.”

Take a look at her rant below:

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