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‘Keep Trashing Me!’: Fox News Host Loses It While Defending Jan 6 Insurrection Lies



Maria Bartiromo

Trump-loving Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday continued the Republican effort to minimize the deadly attack on the US Capitol by defending the lies about the insurrection and vowing to “keep telling the truth” about the incident.

Bartiromo’s rant came during an interview with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI). During the segment, Bartiromo attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she presented a list of what she called the “biggest lies.”

“Armed insurrection is what Nancy Pelosi keeps calling Jan. 6, Senator,” a visibly angry Bartiromo told Johnson. “How many guns were actually taken up on that day since she says it was armed?”

“They always talk about thousands of armed insurrectionists,” Johnson complained. “I asked the FBI witness. Not one gun was recovered either in the Capitol or on the Capitol grounds, according to the FBI witness. So that’s just one of the latest big lies.”

She then went ballistic as she complained about being “trashed” for “telling the truth.”

“I am so incredibly proud of this team on Sunday Morning Futures and of working alongside you,” the Fox News host said. “We have been telling every story. We’ve been on the right side of it for seven years going. I’ve been trashed every day along the way.”

“Keep trashing me!” she exclaimed. “I’ll keep telling the truth.”

Bartiromo, who also forced to air a correction after suggesting that voting machines had been used to steal the 2020 election from then-President Trump, has been ridiculed for repeating the Big lie that led to the deadly insurrection.

Watch the segment below.

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