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Kanye West Removed From Illinois Ballot After Nearly 2000 ‘Invalid’ Signatures Discovered: Report



Rapper Kanye West’s name will be taken off the ballot in his home state of Illinois after more than half the signatures on his petition were deemed invalid, The New York Post reported Saturday, citing state officials.

According to the report, Kanye’s team submitted 3,128 signatures. More than the 2,500 that are required by the state for one’s name to make the cut. However, 1,928 were reportedly flagged as invalid.

Factors could be the reason for the signatures not being counted include people signing up who are not registered voters, or people providing fakes names or addresses. West’s name will be removed from the ballot on Aug. 21, according to the report.

The news comes following reports that his petition to get on the ballot in Illinois had been challenged by the Illinois Board of Elections on July 28.

However, as Kanye’s slimmer than slim chances of being the 46th Commander in Chief continue to dwindle, the rapper remains confident, claiming that he could beat Joe Biden via write-in votes.

“I will beat Biden off of write ins #2020VISION,” Kanye tweeted, referring to the number of people who may write his name on their presidential ballot despite him not being an official option.

Kanye is keeping his campaign alive while also trying to save his estranged marriage. Last month, he broke the news that he and Kim’s relationship has been on the verge of divorce following a bizarre speech in North Carolina.