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Judge Threatens to Expel Trump From Courtroom For Disrupting E. Jean Carroll Testimony



Donald Trump at his Manhattan civil trial during writer E. Jean Carroll's testimony.
Donald Trump at his Manhattan civil trial during writer E. Jean Carroll's testimony. (Photo: Imgur)

In a dramatic courtroom showdown, Donald Trump faced a possible expulsion from his Manhattan civil trial as tensions flared during writer E. Jean Carroll’s testimony. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan issued a stern warning to Trump, threatening to revoke his right to be present if he continued disruptive behavior.

“Mr. Trump, I hope I don’t have to consider excluding you from the trial,” Kaplan told the former president after the jury was excused for lunch, adding: “I understand you’re probably eager for me to do that.”

“I would love it,” Trump shot back, shrugging as he sat between lawyers at the defense table.

Kaplan responded: “I know you would like it. You just can’t control yourself in this circumstance, apparently.”

Carroll, who previously secured a legal victory against Trump for sex abuse and defamation, took the stand to detail the impact of Trump’s denials on her reputation. The trial, aiming to determine damages, witnessed a heated exchange as Trump persisted in making remarks despite warnings.

The courtroom tension escalated with Trump’s online retaliation, accusing Judge Kaplan of bias and lacking impartiality.

Despite the courtroom drama, the trial persisted, addressing the fallout of Trump’s denials and their impact on Carroll’s well-being and career.

As the proceedings continued, Carroll emotionally recounted the toll on her personal and professional life, describing Trump’s smears as having “ended the world” she knew. Carroll is now seeking $10 million in compensatory damages and millions more in punitive damages.

Carroll’s lawyer highlighted Trump’s audible false statements, prompting concerns about the impact on the jury. The trial delved into the aftermath of Trump’s 2019 remarks denying the alleged assault and their consequences on Carroll’s life.

The trial, marked by intense moments and social media sparring, showcased the high-stakes legal battle between Trump and his accuser.