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John Kelly Confronted Donald Trump For Making Shocking Sexual Comments About Ivanka



John Kelly confronts Donald Trump
Donald Trump's disturbing comments about his daughter Ivanka prompted a forceful rebuke from John Kelly, Trump's Chief of Staff at the time, according to a new book. (Image: WH Archive)

In a bombshell revelation, a former Trump official, Miles Taylor, has exposed former President Donald Trump for making explicit sexual comments about his own daughter, Ivanka. These disturbing remarks were so appalling that they prompted a forceful rebuke from John Kelly, Trump’s Chief of Staff at the time.

Taylor’s new book, “Blowback: A Warning to Save Democracy from the Next Trump,” contains jaw-dropping details about the rampant sexism that plagued the Trump White House on a near-daily basis, creating an utterly toxic work environment for women.

According to Taylor, Trump’s aides have divulged that he would brazenly discuss Ivanka’s physical appearance, making crude remarks about her breasts, backside, and even indulging in disturbing fantasies about engaging in sexual acts with his own daughter. The shocking nature of these comments led former Chief of Staff John Kelly to confront the President, reminding him that Ivanka was, in fact, his own flesh and blood. Kelly expressed his revulsion over the matter to Taylor, describing Trump as “a very, very evil man.”

Taylor’s exclusive interview with Newsweek has shed light on the deeply troubling incidents chronicled in his book. He reveals that numerous female leaders within the Trump administration have silently endured a culture of inequality and blatant sexism that was pervasive from the lowest staff members to the highest-ranking cabinet secretaries.

One particularly disturbing account involves Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump’s former Secretary of Homeland Security, who was subjected to being condescendingly addressed as “sweetie” and “honey” by the President himself. Nielsen’s appearance was even subjected to Trump’s unsolicited critique, leaving her to privately confide in Taylor, warning that the workplace was far from being a healthy environment for women.

Kellyanne Conway, a senior counselor to Trump, is also implicated in Taylor’s claims. Although she denies it when contacted by Newsweek, Taylor asserts that Conway referred to Trump as a “misogynistic bully,” providing further evidence of the toxic atmosphere that permeated the administration.

In his interview, Taylor expresses grave concerns about the implications of Trump’s behavior and the potential for his return to the presidency. He unflinchingly labels Trump as a pervert and a difficult individual to work with, asserting that the nation should be deeply troubled by the idea of electing him to the highest office once again. Taylor argues that Trump has not only set a vile tone within the Republican Party but has also normalized deeply derogatory views towards women as a whole.

Adding to the mounting evidence against Trump, he has recently been found liable for sexual abuse in a civil trial brought by writer E. Jean Carroll, further underscoring the serious nature of the allegations surrounding his treatment of women. The nation waits with bated breath to see how these revelations will impact the political landscape and public opinion surrounding the former president.


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