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John Bolton Told GOP Donors Not To Support Trump Because He’s ‘Mentally Unstable’: Report



Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman reported on Tuesday that former national security adviser John Bolton had more to say about the president than what was revealed in the New York Times bombshell.

According to sources who spoke with Sherman, Bolton warned GOP donors to stay away from Donald Trump because he is “mentally unstable” and could pull the United States completely out of NATO if he wins a second term.

Sherman also reported that Trump’s allies have been getting ready to retaliate against Bolton and his tell-all book.

“He’s a bitter ex-employee,” one former White House tells Sherman.

One source told Sherman that if Bolton is called as a witness in Trump’s impeachment trial that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may even get into the action as a character witness against Bolton.

“Pompeo and Bolton were at war with each other during the administration,” the source explained. “Pompeo thought that Bolton was constantly trying to undercut him and the president.”

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