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Joe Scarborough Torches ‘Idiot’ Ted Cruz For Trying To Install a Dictator



During Tuesday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough scorched Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his fellow Republicans for being “useful idiots for a tyrant” for trying to overturn his election defeat.

In the segment, Scarborough pulled back the curtain and exposed the “radical” impulses infecting the so-called conservative movement behind Donald Trump’s unconstitutional efforts to overturn his re-election loss, and said they’d all lost their minds.

“Donald Trump is no conservative, not even close,” Scarborough said. “I have been describing him for the past four years how these Republicans are not conservative, how they are trashing constitutional norms, that they remain quiet while the president claims ultimate power under Article II of the Constitution and quiet while he racks up the biggest debt of all time, spending like a drunken sailor out of control, nothing conservative about this guy.”

“Now as one of the final acts as members of the United States Senate, you’re going to have self-proclaimed conservatives who, again, aren’t conservative — they’re radical,” he added. “They’re going to actually vote to have the federal government, to have the centralized state sweep in and override the decision of voters, override a local and state election officials, to do actually just the opposite of what we conservatives have always said we’re for, which is deferring — having the federal government do what the federal government has to do, but deferring to the states, especially where the Constitution suggests that we defer to the states, and elections are to be like handled by state legislators and then we have the states certify the process.”

Scarborough called out Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) for ignoring constitutional law and his own stated conservative values to install Trump as dictator.

“Josh Hawley is now going to sweep in and say, screw the Constitution, screw the state legislators, screw the voters — we in the centralized state are going to determine what the law is, we’re going to determine what the law is because one person who’s in the White House is telling us to do this,” Scarborough said. “It is the most anti-democratic thing that any of us have seen since the Civil War and Josh Hawley, you’re in the middle of it. Ted Cruz, you’re in the middle of it, and all of those other idiots are in the middle of it — who, a lot of idiots with Ivy League degrees, by the way — a lot of idiots with Ivy League degrees. I don’t know if they can strip them of their degrees or not, I’m just a state school guy, but I can read, like, the black-and-white lettering of the United States Constitution ,and of and these people are useful idiots for a tyrant in training.”