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Joe Scarborough Responds To Trump’s Ominous Threats Against Jack Smith



Joe Scarborough
Joe Scarborough. (Screenshot)

In the midst of facing another potential indictment, former President Donald Trump has been exhibiting a defiant demeanor and making ominous threats. This week, Trump heightened tensions by boosting a threatening video from a pro-MAGA account, and in a recent radio interview, he brazenly asserted that it would be “dangerous” to imprison him for the alleged crimes he’s been formally accused of.

Trump’s aggressive stance caught the attention of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who pointed out Trump’s lack of understanding regarding the gravity of his situation. During Friday’s edition of ‘Morning Joe,” Scarborough called out Trump’s apparent lack of awareness, likening his rhetoric to that of a mobster.

“I don’t know if Donald Trump understands,” the ‘Morning Joe’ host said Friday. “He’s talking like a mobster. ‘It would be a shame, dangerous for Jack Smith,’ and [his supporters are] more dangerous now than in 2020 or 2016. He’s just so stupid, he really is. He just doesn’t understand.”

He added that Trump’s woes are the testimonies of his own supporters, who have willingly appeared before the grand jury to share information about Trump’s activities surrounding the January 6 events. Scarborough pointed out that these loyalists, not Democrats or moderate Republicans, have put Trump in a vulnerable position.

“He is going up against the feds, he doesn’t understand that he can’t bully and bluster and threaten his way out of criminal charges that are coming, because he broke the law, because he stole nuclear secrets, because he stole secret plans to attack Iran, because he stole secret military secrets, because he has, people all around him, all around him, on Jan. 6, that are testifying against him.”

Scarborough expressed alarm at Trump’s lack of foresight, noting that instead of strategizing with his legal team, the former president chose to make threatening statements akin to those made by a mobster, targeting an individual referred to as Jack Smith, drawing comparisons to a judge-like figure.

“No Democrats, no moderate Republicans, all Trumpers! Everybody that he ever hired has gone before the grand jury, everybody that was around him Jan. 6 went before the grand jury, all Trumpers, and he’s going to be charged for some of the most serious crimes in America, and his response?” Scarborough continued. “His response, instead of talking to his lawyers saying, ‘Hey, get me a deal. I don’t know what it’s going to look like, but get me a deal, because they’ve got me dead. My own people are people testifying against me. Get me a deal.’ Instead of that he goes on an Iowa radio show and like a mobster threatens Jack Smith.”

“Has he not looked at pictures of Jack Smith?” he added. “This guy looks like the judge on ‘Andor,’ all right? He looks like the guy who takes the good guy from the ‘Star Wars’ galaxy and throws him into jail for life. He doesn’t understand. I’m scared. You just scared me by putting this picture up. Like, what does he think? Does he think Jack Smith is going to be intimidated by mob-like threats?”

Watch the segment below from MSNBC:


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