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Joe Scarborough Has Bad News For Trump: ‘No One is Bailing You Out’ After Gag Order



MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. (Screenshot)

During Tuesday’s edition of “Morning Joe,” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough predicted a rocky road ahead for Donald Trump in his bid to overturn the gag order slapped on him in the Jan. 6 case. Despite the former president’s determination to challenge the restrictions placed by District Judge Tanya Chutkan on his public statements regarding the criminal proceedings, Scarborough warned that Trump was not likely to find anyone to bail him out of the restriction.

Scarborough underscored the need for a uniform set of rules, asserting, “You don’t create one set of rules for Donald Trump and another set of rules for the other 330 million people.” The “Morning Joe” host believes that Chief Justice John Roberts’ Supreme Court would likely side with Judge Chutkan if Trump continues his attacks on the court.

“I understand it is a complicated issue and it has to be acted upon with nuance,” Scarborough said. “But if he continues to attack and insult members of the court, I’m quite confident that John Roberts’ Supreme Court will rule with the judge that there has to be an orderly procedure inside that courtroom, if there is somebody constantly attacking the validity of the court and trying to undermine a federal judge and other officer of the court. I don’t think the Roberts court would see it, so long as it is tailored to the contours of actually running the case in a manageable, professional way.”

Highlighting the potential consequences, Scarborough emphasized a three-strikes policy: “If he steps out of line, you sanction him. If he steps out of line, sanction him again. If he steps out of line the third time, every federal judge would throw him in jail.”