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Jimmy Kimmel Takes Donald Trump’s New Lawyer To The Woodshed



Jimmy Kimmel roasts Trump attorney

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday mocked Donald Trump’s new lawyer with a montage of his excuses for the former president’s behavior.

The lawyer, Joe Tacopina is the latest legal adviser Trump has drafted amid multiple criminal investigations.

Earlier this week, Tacopina went viral after trying to snatch a piece of paper from MSNBC’s Ari Melber while defending Trump’s claim about not knowing hush money payments were paid to adult actor Stormy Daniels after their alleged affair.

Kimmel said the lawyer “seems to have been born in the ashtray of Rudy Giuliani’s Lincoln Continental” for his bizarre defense strategy.

The attorney insists in the supercut that Trump is a victim of extortion.

Watch the video below from ABC: