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Jim Jordan Snaps At Tech Hearing After Dem Lawmaker Takes Down His ‘Fringe Conspiracy Theories’



On Wednesday, a tech hearing took place in the House of Representatives that involved a very upset Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

During a questioning of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Jordan tried to get the executive to pledge that he will not allow the platform to act in a biased way against conservatives.

Shortly after Jordan kept accusing Pichai of carrying out an anti-conservative agenda, Rep. Mary Scanlon (D-PA) took her turn to question Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

During her questioning, Scanlon accused Jordan of regurgitating “fringe conspiracy theories.”

Jordan interjected to protest, but was immediately shut down by the House Judiciary Committee chairman. As Jordan continued to interject, he was chastised repeatedly to put his mask on.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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