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Jim Jordan Rejects New Stimulus Bill, Tells Struggling Families To ‘Go Back To Work’ If They Want Money



Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told struggling families on Wednesday to “go back to work” if they need financial help as he rejected a new proposal by House Democrats that would help financially struggling families during the pandemic.

Bloomberg interviewed Jordan, who said that the worst part of the virus already happened and people should get back to normality. More than 83,000 people have died in America from COVID-19 in two months.

“It is time to go back to work,” he said. “Instead of passing some new trillion-dollar spending package that Speaker Pelosi will put on the floor Friday, it seems the best stimulus is to go back to work.”

The reporter then noted that the economy might not be what it used to be because people will still take precautionary measures and stay home even is things “reopened.”

“That is why the best phase is to go back to work, which we are seeing states do,” Jordan insisted, and then pivoted to say that reopening the economy was “about freedom and opportunity.”

Take a look at Jordan’s remarks below:

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