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Jim Acosta Tells Ron DeSantis To Send His Election Police Force To Mar-a-Lago To Ask About Attempted Coup



Jim Acosta and Ron DeSantis

On Saturday, CNN anchor Jim Acosta took aim at Florida governor Ron DeSantis over his proposal to launch an election-fraud police force in his state, a move that many are condemning as a ploy to intimidate voters.

During a segment addressing the controversial proposal, Acosta said: “If Ron DeSantis wants to put that election police force to good use, he might consider sending them over to Mar-a-Lago. You know, just to ask a few questions about an attempted coup.”

“Yes, officer Ron, I’d like to report an insurrection,” Acosta added.

As noted by CNN, DeSantis’ proposal “has concerned voting rights advocates, local election officials and Democrats, who fear the scope of this police force’s new mandate could lead to voter intimidation.”

Watch the clip below from CNN.