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Jewish Academic Tells Israeli Audience That Their Worst Enemy Is White Supremacists, Not Muslims



Tuvia Tenenbom

Speaking to an Israeli audience, Jewish academic Tuvia Tenenbom told the crowd that their worst enemy is white supremacists, not Muslims, claiming that Muslims hate Jews only because whites have radicalized them using Nazi literature.

“Forget about the Muslims. Go after the root of the problem,” he said, reminding Israelis that whites killed their grandparents, have killed more Jews than any other people and continue to incite global hatred against Jews.

He also faulted white supremacists for historically making laws against Jews and historically representing Jews as war-like. He concludes “The culture of the white man, the Westerners, is terrifying and horrible.”

Tenenbom was born in Israel. He’s a theater director, author, journalist and mathematician.

Watch the video below.