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‘It’s So Disgraceful’: Trump Whines That ‘Fake News’ is Not Talking About His ‘2 Nobel Peace Prizes’



President Donald Trump has no Nobel Peace Prizes, but that didn’t stop him from complaining at a Pennsylvania campaign rally Saturday night that the “fake news” completely skipped reporting his two Nobel Peace Prizes.

Trump grumbled that there wasn’t a word in the “fake news” about his Nobel recognition.

“Somebody had a show where they said the amount of time devoted to Donald Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize — two of ’em — [was] zero on the networks, zero,” he emphasized. “It is so disgraceful. They’re so bad.”

Trump said he was so disappointed as he sat with first lady Melania Trump in front of the TV that news reports failed to mention his Nobel Peace Prize and instead focused on “weather.” That weather in early September happened to be the beginning of Hurricane Sally. He then falsely claimed he was nominated for another peace prize the very next day. has taken Trump to task for “repeatedly conflating winning a Nobel Peace Prize with being nominated for one.” Trump has grumbled about the huge media coverage of Barack Obama’s nomination for a prize, when in fact Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a far-right member of the Norwegian Parliament, told Fox News in early September that he nominated Trump for the 2021 prize. (He says he also nominated Trump in 2018.)

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