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‘It’s An Embarrassment’: George Conway Writes Op-Ed Condemning Trump’s Attempt To Overturn Election



Republican lawyer and Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post on Thursday about Donald Trump’s latest attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

Conway explained that Trump is the one who is clamoring for a victory, despite claims “our country needs” one.

“That’s because Trump and his allies have lost just about every lawsuit they’ve brought to try to keep him in office,” wrote Conway, citing an election lawyer’s count of 55 losses. In fact, the only lawsuit that Trump has been able to win was that Pennsylvania would let his ballot observers stand a little closer to the tables where votes were being tallied. “Adding insult to injury, the Trumpistas’ solitary victory was a piddling, technical one that affected just a tiny number of ballots, nowhere near enough to change the result. Sad!”

Conway noted that Trump’s high-paid attorneys have failed him. They have lost nearly every legal battle they have attempted. It hasn’t mattered if the judges were Democratic or Republican-appointed, they still lost. Even their attempt to get the Supreme Court to help them out failed.

Their greatest challenge, Conway explained, is that there’s nothing to sue over. When Trump added himself to the Texas lawsuit, his argument was not that there was voter fraud, it was that there wasn’t voter fraud, which obviously means that there really was fraud.

Of all 55 cases, Trump now says this is “the big one.” He hasn’t said if he intends to stop after this or if he’ll simply keep suing his way to a win. Conway even mocked him for using the corrupt Texas attorney general as the one to lead the case.

“That any member of any bar, let alone a member of the Supreme Court bar, could file such flimsy tripe in any court, let alone the Supreme Court, is an embarrassment to the legal profession,” wrote Conway. “For public officials such as Paxton and his fellow Republican attorneys general to call for the wholesale disenfranchisement of the people of four states is an affront to the rule of law, an insult to an independent judiciary and a contempt of democracy.”

He closed by saying that the true fraud that Americans are facing has nothing to do with the election or the counting of the votes, it’s happening in the White House.

“It happened after the election, at the presidential lectern, at news conferences and in legal briefs orchestrated to support the fiction that Donald Trump won. History will record that the scam didn’t succeed,” he said.

You can read the full column HERE.

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