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‘It’s Actually Science’: Mike Pence Brutally Fact Checked After Calling COVID Vaccine a ‘Miracle’



Vice President Mike Pence, who leads the Trump administration coronavirus task force, sparked an avalanche of criticism on Twitter Tuesday after calling the COVID-19 vaccine a “medical miracle.”

“The development and manufacturing of a vaccine typically takes 8-12 years but under Operation Warp Speed, we have done it in 8-12 months and we are on track to deliver MILLIONS of doses before the end of December! This is a Medical Miracle!” Pence wrote on Twitter.

Pence’s suggestion of divine intervention was quickly shut down by critics.

“A miracle is something that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws,” wrote one. “This vaccine was developed via hard work, intelligence, science, and perseverance. There was no magic involved.”

Added another: “It’s actually science, not a miracle.”

Check out Pence’s post and some of the responses below.