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‘It’s a Clown Show’: Joe Scarborough Gleefully Taunts Republicans For Summoning Impeachment Witnesses Who ‘Sabotage’ Their Own Case



Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough.
Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough. (Screenshot)

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough couldn’t resist reveling in the spectacle of the first Republican-led impeachment inquiry hearing targeting President Joe Biden.

In a dazzling display of incompetence, GOP lawmakers floundered in their attempts to argue that the president benefited from his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings during the marathon six-hour hearing.

The “Morning Joe” host found sheer amusement in the fact that three witnesses summoned by Republicans couldn’t provide any firsthand knowledge of wrongdoing, unequivocally stating that there was no impeachable evidence. He took delight in lampooning what he described as “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight,” a group that has consistently promised grand revelations, only to deliver nothing.

“It’s really incredible and we’ve been talking about for some time about how this has been the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. They’ve been promising one thing after another, nothing has happened,” Scarborough said. “The fact that you would actually get people on that have actually been on Donald Trump’s side through most of his presidency, you know, constitutional scholars who say, you got nothing here.”

He marveled at the audacity of calling witnesses who had historically supported Donald Trump, including constitutional scholars who outright dismissed the allegations.

“You wonder the degree of incompetence that would have a chairman of any committee calling somebody who, again, is going to actually undermine your case,” Scarborough continued. “Well, here’s a history of that chairman saying doesn’t really have a whole lot there.”

The experts summoned by Comer uniformly concurred that there was no constitutional grounds for impeachment. Washington Post reporter Jacqueline Alemany added her voice, stating that reputable sources she consulted unanimously rejected the notion that Biden should face impeachment.

“A slate of historians and constitutional experts I spoke to said there is absolutely no constitutional basis for this. It’s anathema to what the framers had in mind when they envisioned the impeachment lever, the glass box being broken to help in a time of crisis to hold the president accountable to and this is not that. This is the first time we are trying to, Republicans are trying to impeach someone for the crimes of a presidential relative and actions that were taken by a presidential relative before Joe Biden was even in the Oval Office,” Alemany explained.

Even Comer himself faltered in articulating which policies Biden supposedly exchanged for cash, and he struggled to present any concrete evidence of foreign funds, despite asserting there was enough “smoke” to validate the allegations.

Scarborough couldn’t help but inject sarcasm into his commentary:

“It would be funny if — wait, it is funny,” Scarborough said. “It’s ridiculous, they’re making fools of themselves. You don’t think the Biden White House is loving watching this? This is just, and they keep doing it. My favorite part where a certain [Fox News] host goes wait a second, wait a second, you’re telling me your informant has gone missing? No, this guy is covered in Iranian oil, hugging members of the Chinese communist party. Everything they’re doing — it’s a clown show.”

Watch the segment below from MSNBC.