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‘It Isn’t About You’: Pelosi Slams Trump For Claiming DACA Ruling Was Because Supreme Court Doesn’t ‘Like’ Him



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed Donald Trump on Thursday while appearing on MSNBC after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of keeping DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) intact.

Trump took to Twitter after the DACA ruling to claim that the Supreme Court doesn’t like him.

Pelosi had some words for the president for thinking everything is about him.

“It’s not about whether the Court likes the president,” said Pelosi. “He should know that. It’s whether the Court likes the Constitution of the United States. And with the LGBTQ ruling the other day, and now with the DACA, clearly this is a victory for the American people. And it isn’t about — it isn’t personal about the president. It’s constitutional about our country.”

Pelosi said Trump trying to make it about him is more evidence of his narcissism.

“This is a person who is epically unfit, intellectually unprepared and personally unqualified because he sees everything about him,” she said.

Take a look at her comments in the video below:

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