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‘Is He On Crack?’: Internet Reacts After McCarthy Vows To Release All Jan 6 Tapes



Kevin McCarhty

During an appearance on Fox News on Sunday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) accused Democrats of “railroading” Republicans with the Jan. 6 Committee and told host Maria Bartiromo that he plans to release all the information collected about the attacks that day “exactly” in the style of Elon Musk’s “Twitter files.”

“The best way to handle this is exactly the way Elon Musk [handled it],” McCarthy said. “Just put all the information out there and let people see what is truth and what is not.”

“So, the best way to do that is to release the tapes,” he added. “People can know for themselves instead of picking and choosing what views they want people to see.”

McCarthy said that he had not personally viewed the footage from Jan. 6 but has accused Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of “politicizing” the MAGA fueled insurrection.

“I watched what Nancy Pelosi did, where she politicized it,” McCarthy told reporters on Friday.

“We watched the politicization of this, I think the American people should see what happened instead of a report that was written on a political basis,” McCarthy said. “I want to be very thoughtful about it, but yes, I’m engaged to do that.”

Naturally, people wasted no time reminding McCarthy that we all saw the attack on national TV, and dared him to release anything we have not seen before.

Watch McCarthy’s remarks and some of the responses below: