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‘Irony’s Dead’: Trump Triggers Avalanche Of Mockery After Accusing Dems Of Not Believing In Science



Social media users are mocking Donald Trump after the president accused his Democratic opponent of “not believing in science” during a campaign rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Trump began his speech by After praising himself for turning out a crowd during a pandemic. “Wow, good crowd. This is a hell of a crowd,” he said.

He then began repeating the same lie-filled attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden that have become part of his routine.

He cheered his supporters who almost ran a Biden bus off the road in Texas. He also showed a montage of Sean Hannity clips and claimed Joe Biden is actually Kamala Harris in costume.

But he really raised eyebrows when he argued it is his opponents, not himself, that rejects science.

As expected, social media users wasted no time to respond: