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Internet Torches RNC ‘Evil, Soulless Ghouls’ Over ‘Dumbest’ Attack On Biden Yet



President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden during his visit to the site of the devastating wildfire in Maui. (Photo: Imgur)

Critics are in unanimous agreement: The Republican National Committee’s latest attack on President Joe Biden was remarkably stupid.

During his visit to the site of the devastating wildfire in Maui, President Biden took a moment to interact with a search-and-rescue dog, an act that the RNC found to be extremely problematic.

In the midst of engaging with first responders, President Biden not only shook hands with the dog’s handler but also took the time to affectionately pet the dog. He even took note of the boots the dog was wearing to protect its paws from the scorching ground.

Commenting on the situation, President Biden remarked, “That’s some hot ground, man.”

A social media account linked to RNC Research, which claims to be dedicated to “exposing” President Biden, promptly shared a video capturing the moment when he was caught in the act of petting the dog.

The White House quickly shot back.

“He’s petting one of the dogs that’s working hard searching for remains so survivors who’ve lost loved ones can have closure,” deputy press secretary Andrew Bates wrote on X (Twitter). “This criticism is classless and stupid.”

And the internet piled on:


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