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Internet Rains Hell On ‘Evil’ Republicans For ‘Wanting People To Die’ From Insulin Rationing



Senate Republicans

Senate Republicans have sparked a fierce backlash for voting against proposed legislation that would have capped the price of life-saving insulin at $35 that was included in The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

In the bill, Democrats proposed to include people not covered by Medicare by capping the price of insulin. But Republicans shot down the insulin cap for other private patients.

The measure in the legislation received 57-43 votes after just seven Republicans joined the Democrats in voting for it and fell just three votes short of becoming the law.

The move, which was big pharmaceutical companies, left people angry who lashed out at Republicans, describing them as “sales representatives of pharmaceutical companies” and calling it “unconscionable” that poor people might even lose their life if they are unable to afford insulin. Others described their actions as “sickening.”

“The members of Congress who voted against lowering/protections on the price of insulin are not representatives of the American people, they are sales reps for pharmaceutical companies,” Arizona Democrat Michael Muscato aid on Twitter.

Senator Scott Weiner said his father relies on insulin to stay alive and asked how many people have to die from “insulin rationing” before a price capping is passed.

“It’s sickening to me that almost every single GOP Senator — even those with family members who rely on insulin — voted against capping its price. How many people have to die from insulin rationing before they stop blocking action?” he said.

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