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Internet Mocks Mike Lee For Endorsing Himself In Bizarre Third-Person Article



Mike Lee

Utah Senator Mike Lee (R) is being mocked on social media for a bizarre op-ed Sunday in which he praised himself in the third person.

The article, published in The Salt Lake Tribune, is titled “Mike Lee has earned a reputation as principled conservative” with the byline “Mike Lee.”

“Mike Lee serves as a United States senator representing the state of Utah,” the piece begins. “Since taking office, Senator Lee has earned a reputation as a principled conservative.”

The newspaper offered the opportunity to submit an op-ed to both Lee and his independent challenger Evan McMullin, according to journalist James Surowiecki.

McMullin contributed a piece written in the first person “like a normal person,” while Lee chose instead to submit his bio, which sparked an avalanche of mockery across social media.

The Utah Senate race between Lee and McMullin has emerged as a potential wild card in the battle for the Senate.

Recent polls show the race is close, with McMullin trailing Lee by only a few points in a state where Republican victories are usually all but guaranteed.

Check some of the reaction’s to lee’s oped:


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