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Internet Laughs At Sarah Palin’s Reaction After Losing Alaska Special Election



Sarah Palin

Social media users are mocking Republican candidate Sarah Palin after a video emerged online showing the former Alaska governor appearing frustrated following her defeat in the special election to fill the state’s only House seat to Democrat Mary Peltola.

Peltola won the state’s first election using its new ranked-choice voting system, in which the top four candidates take part in the general election, where voters rank their choices in order of preference. She will become the first native Alaskan in Congress since the state joined the US in 1959 and the first Democrat to represent the state in almost 50 years.

Palin was not happy with the results.

“I mean, really? Alaskans want Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi?” she asked in the video. And Twitter users were happy to respond.

User LaTosha Brown replied: “Gov Palin the fact that you lost means they don’t want YOU to represent them. Don’t bring nobody else in your mess.”

“Here is what Palin gets wrong. It isn’t about Biden, Pelosi, or Trump. To quote Ted Stevens, ‘to hell with politics, just do what’s right for Alaska.’ We did. Congrats Mary Peltola,” Anchorage Assembly Member Chris Constant wrote.

Another user wrote: “What makes this hilarious is the ranked-choice voting means we know exactly what happened: It’s not that ‘Alaskans want Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi?!’…it’s that almost a third of Republicans would rather vote for a Democrat than vote for Sarah Palin.”

other users were shocked by Palin’s dress code.

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