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Internet Creeped Out By Ron DeSantis’ Awkward Smile Attempt



Ron DeSantis
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during the Republican primary debate on Wednesday. (Photo: Imgur)

Ron DeSantis’ performance in the GOP debate might be etched in memory…for all the wrong reasons. The Florida Governor’s presence during the Republican primary debate on Wednesday evening could potentially be more notable for his actions than his words.

To be more precise, it’s what he attempted to do that could remain memorable.

At the Fox News event, DeSantis appeared to make an effort to smile. However, he either reconsidered the idea or simply couldn’t execute it effectively.

DeSantis’ peculiar facial expressions and behavior have frequently been transformed into humorous jokes and viral memes on various social media platforms.

Following the debate on Wednesday night, his unconventional smile endeavor left people cringing:


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