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Internet Cheers After Dr. Fauci ‘Makes Rand Paul Look Like The ShamWow Guy’



Social media users are reacting with glee after Dr. Anthony Fauci slam-dunked Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) during a heated Senate hearing on Tuesday morning.

Paul, who has waged a personal war against the nation’s top infectious disease expert, tried once again to attack Fauci by distorting his words and actions.

But the far-right senator’s attempt to smear Fauci failed after he got an unexpected and forceful response.

Armed with screen captures of Paul’s website, Fauci showed that the senator is using his attacks to make campaign cash out his gullible followers, causing Paul to crumble in real time.

paul’s attacks on Fauci have resulted in death threats against the disease expert and his children. In one case, he explained, a man was arrested in Iowa with a “hit list” that included Fauci. He had an assault rifle and ammunition in his possession, according to the reports.

Watch videos of the hearing and some of the reactions below.


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