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Internet Calls For Expulsion Of Lauren Boebert Over New Attack On Rep. Ilhan Omar



Lauren Boebert

People on social media are calling for the expulsion of GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert, of Colorado, for launching a new Islamophobic attack against Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar (Minn.) following a tense phone call between the two lawmakers on Monday.

Both representatives issued separate statements after the phone call, making clear that neither found the conversation to be helpful in settling their differences.

“Today, I graciously accepted a call from Rep. Lauren Boebert in the hope of receiving a direct apology for falsely claiming she met me in an elevator, suggesting I was a terrorist, and for a history of anti-Muslim hate. Instead of apologizing for her Islamophobic comments and fabricated lies, Rep. Boebert refused to publicly acknowledge her hurtful and dangerous comments,” Omar said in a statement.

“She instead doubled down on her rhetoric and I decided to end the unproductive call,” Omar added. “I believe in engaging with those we disagree with respectfully, but not when that disagreement is rooted in outright bigotry and hate.”

Meanwhile, Boebert doubled down on her bigotry and demanded an apology from Omar.

“I told Ilhan Omar that she should make a public apology to the American people for her anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-police rhetoric,” Boebert said in a video posted on Twitter. “She continued to press and I continued to press back and then Rep. Omar hung up on me. Rejecting an apology and hanging up on someone is part of cancel culture 101 and a pillar of the Democrat Party,” Boebert continued.

She then suggested Omar sympathizes with terrorists.

“Make no mistake, I will continue to fearlessly put America first, never sympathizing with terrorists. Unfortunately, Ilhan can’t say the same thing. And our country is worse off for it,” Boebert said.

The controversy involving the two lawmakers began after a video surfaced over Thanksgiving weekend of Boebert lying about a Capitol police officer confusing Omar with a terrorist.

Boebert’s lastest comments were met with disdain from social media users who are demanding her expulsion from Congress.