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‘Indict Trump Now Or I’m Out’: Key Witness Puts Manhattan’s DA On Notice



Donald Trump

A key witness in the criminal case against the Trump Organization has threatened to pull out if the Manhattan DA doesn’t bring charges against Donald Trump, The Daily Beast reports.

According to The Beast, the Grand Jury summoned to go after Trump expires at the end of the month and if Manhattan prosecutors don’t indict the former president in the next nine days, the key witness investigators have used to build their entire case says he won’t help revive it in the future.

The witness, Michael Cohen, “told The Daily Beast he’s already wasted too much of his time on a case that slowly and then suddenly doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Prosecutors only have until the current grand jury’s term expires on April 30 to issue charges, at which point they must ask jurors who’ve already done this for six months to continue hearing evidence—or call the whole thing off and awkwardly make the entire presentation all over again in front of another 23 jurors,” according to the report.

Asked if he’d be willing to sit down again with investigators or testify at a future trial against Trump, Cohen responded with utter exasperation.

“No. I spent countless hours, over 15 sessions—including three while incarcerated. I provided thousands of documents, which coupled with my testimony, would have been a valid basis for an indictment and charge,” he said.

“The fact that they have not done so despite all of this… I’m not interested in any further investment of my time,” Cohen told the publication.

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