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‘I Will Not Grant Any Further Extensions’: Judge Shuts Down Trump Motion To Delay Trial Invoking Melania’s Mother’s Death



Justice Arthur Engoron and former president Donald Trump.
Justice Arthur Engoron and former president Donald Trump. (Photos: Imgur)

A tense exchange unfolded between Donald Trump’s attorney, Chris Kise, and the presiding civil court judge, Justice Arthur Engoron, as the former sought permission for Trump to present his own closing arguments in the $350 million fraud trial. he discord began with Kise invoking Trump’s late mother-in-law and culminated in Judge Engoron unequivocally declaring, “I WILL NOT GRANT ANY FURTHER EXTENSIONS.”

Revealed on Wednesday were acrimonious email exchanges between Kise and Engoron when the judge denied Trump’s unconventional request to present his own closing arguments in the $350 million fraud trial, where Trump vehemently denies any wrongdoing.

The denial stemmed from Trump’s legal team’s failure to commit by January 9 that their client would adhere to the case’s facts and refrain from disparaging remarks directed at Engoron, his staff, New York Attorney General Letitia James, or the New York State court system.

Engoron stipulated, “He may not impugn myself, my staff, plaintiff, plaintiff’s staff, or the New York State Court System,” adding, “He may not deliver a campaign speech.”

Kise declined to agree, contending, “The preconditions and prior restraints you propose are fraught with ambiguities, creating the substantial likelihood for misinterpretation or unintended violation,” as per court records.

In response, Engoron argued that his limitations were standard for those delivering closing arguments and demanded a response by 4 p.m., which Kise failed to meet, citing Trump’s unavailability in the air and the recent passing of his mother-in-law, Amalija Knavs, as reasons.

Engoron expressed condolences but declined to postpone closing arguments, stating, “Every appearance of Mr. Trump requires court officers, court clerks, administrators, security details, technical people, etc. to rearrange their schedules and to plan for the day.”

Although Kise confirmed Trump’s intention to speak in court, he once again refused to agree to the imposed limitations, intensifying the conflict.

“You will have to tell me NOW,” Engoron demanded. “It should take no more than a minute or two.”

Kise retorted, “This is very unfair,” accusing the Attorney General of unjustly demeaning Trump.

“You are not allowing President Trump, who has been wrongfully demeaned and belittled by an out of control, politically motivated Attorney General, to speak about the things that must be spoken about,” Kise wrote.

Engoron stood firm, responding, “I won’t debate this yet again. Take it or leave it. Now or never. You have until noon, seven minutes from now.”

Court records confirm that Kise did not meet the noon deadline.

You can read the full exchange here.