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‘I Had To Run The Military Myself’: Trump Trashes ‘RINO’ Mark Esper For Revealing He Wanted To Bomb Mexico



Donald Trump

During an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper made stunning revelations about his time in the Trump administration. In response, Trump called the allegations “fake news” and slammed Esper as a RINO (Republican In Name Only) while claiming that “I had to run the military myself.”

Esper told “60 minutes” that Trump wanted to ask why he couldn’t bomb Mexico to deal with the drug cartels. As part of the interview, co-host Norah O’Donnell reached out to former President Donald Trump for comment, who denied Esper’s allegations but said he had “no comment” about wanting to bomb our southern neighbor.

The former president also denied Esper’s claim that he wanted to deploy 10,000 troops into Washington, D.C. to respond to the Black Lives Matter protests.

“Wrong. I wanted to send at least 10,000 troops for January 6, because I knew many people were coming to Washington that day to protest the corrupt Presidential Election (sic) of 2020,” Trump claimed.

This contradicts all testimony given under oath to the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6. For that reason, the Washington Post gave Trump’s remarks “four Pinocchios.”

Trump then claimed: “I fired Yesper (sic) because he was a RINO incapable of leading, and I had to run the military myself”

Read Trump’s statement below:

Donald Trump statement on Mark Esper