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‘I Can’t Stay Here’: Mick Mulvaney Resigns From Trump Administration



Mick Mulvaney has resigned from the Trump administration, saying “I can’t stay here, not after yesterday.” The abrupt decision came after Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in a chaotic incident that left four people dead.

“I can’t stay here, not after yesterday,” the former White House chief of staff said in an appearance on CNBC. “You can’t look at that yesterday and say I want to be a part of that in any way shape or form.”

His resignation from his post as the special envoy to Northern Ireland follows that of some other notable White House aides in the aftermath of the violence, including Stephanie Grisham, chief of staff to first lady Melania Trump, and deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger.

Mulvaney said he wouldn’t be surprised to see more resignations as President Trump winds down his final days in office.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of my friends resign over the course of the next 24 to 48 hours, and it’d be completely understandable if they did,” Mulvaney said. “Those who choose to stay, and I have talked some of to them, are choosing to stay because they are concerned that the president might put someone in to make things even worse.”

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