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Honeymooner Dies While Snorkeling in Hawaii, Thieves Exploit Chaos by Stealing Newlyweds’ Belongings and Rental Car



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A tragic incident unfolded during a honeymoon trip in Hawaii as a California man tragically drowned while snorkeling in Oahu. The heartache intensified when, amidst the rescue efforts, opportunistic thieves seized the couple’s rental car, containing their cell phones, wallets, money, and clothing.

Steven Phan, a 49-year-old Apple store employee from California’s Silicon Valley, lost his life on June 1 while snorkeling near Electric Beach in Oahu, according to reports. He was enjoying his honeymoon with his wife, Brittany Myers Phan, whom he had married just three months prior, as noted on a GoFundMe page created by a friend.

Local news station ABC Bay Area reported that Phan disappeared underwater while snorkeling and was brought ashore by a spear diver. Bystanders immediately initiated CPR before first responders arrived at the scene. Phan was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital, where he tragically passed away.

In the midst of this already heartbreaking situation, the station revealed an additional distressing turn of events. The couple’s belongings, including their rental car, were stolen during the incident. The thieves made off with their cell phones, wallets, money, and clothing, compounding the devastation faced by Myers Phan.

The fundraiser’s description lamented the theft, stating, “As if this could not be worse, all of Brittany and Steven’s belongings were stolen. The thieves took their cell phones, wallets, money, clothing—they even stole their car rental.”

The Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii has stepped forward to offer support to the grieving wife. Jessica Lani Rich, representing the organization, expressed the profound tragedy of the situation and emphasized the need for better education for tourists regarding water safety.

The community is rallying to raise awareness about the potential dangers in the water, hoping to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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