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‘High-Profile Criminals’ Look To Get What They Want From Trump In His Last Days In Office: Report



A new CNN report revealed on Wednesday that hundreds of Donald Trump allies – including some of his closest business associates and “many high-profile criminals” — are looking to squeeze out the most they can out of the president while he’s still in office.

“Since Trump lost the election six weeks ago, calls and emails have been flooding into the West Wing from people looking to benefit from the President’s powers of clemency,” CNN reports. “So inundated is Trump’s staff with requests for pardons or commutations that a spreadsheet has been created to keep track of the requests directed to Trump’s close aides.”

Trump is actively engaging with the flood of requests, and appears “eager to wield his powers” while he still has them, according to sources speaking to CNN.

“Unlike practically any other matter related to the end of his presidency, his clemency powers are a topic Trump actually seems to enjoy discussing, one person in communication with the President said, even though it amounts to another tacit reminder that his tenure at the White House is nearly over,” the report states.

You can read the full report HERE.

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