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Here Are The Official Portraits Of Barack And Michelle Obama Unveiled At The White House Today



Barack and Michelle Obama portraits

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden unveiled the official portraits of former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama during a White House ceremony.

The Obamas joined the Bidens in the East Room for the reveal of the portraits, which were acquired and commissioned by the White House Historical Association.

Barack Obama’s portrait, which was painted by Robert McCurdy, features the former president standing at the center of the canvas wearing a black suit with a gray tie.

Mrs. Obama’s portrait was painted by Sharon Sprung and features the former first lady seated on a sofa in the Red Room of the White House, wearing a formal blue dress.

Biden opened his speech at Wednesday’s ceremony with praise for the Obamas and their legacy, calling Barack Obama “one of the most consequential presidents in our history” and Michelle Obama “one of the most consequential first ladies.”

Obama returned the praise for Biden in his speech just after the portraits were unveiled, calling him “a man who became a true partner and a good friend.”

“Joe, it is now America’s good fortune to have you as president,” Obama said. “You have guided us through some perilous times. You’ve built on and gone beyond the work we all did together.”

The unveiling of the portraits is a decadeslong tradition, going back to 1978 when President Jimmy Carter invited his immediate predecessor, Gerald Ford, back to the White House.

The Obama unveiling event would have traditionally been held during the Trump presidency, but Donald Trump refused to hold the event.


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