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‘He Just Voted Against Me!’: Trump Rips Conservative Judge For Rejecting Wisconsin Election Lawsuit



President Donald Trump on Tuesday slammed Wisconsin judge Brian Hagedorn for rejecting Trump’s lawsuit seeking to overturn the election results in the state.

The president took to Twitter to complain against the ruling after he endorsed the judge.

“Two years ago, the great people of Wisconsin asked me to endorse a man named Brian Hagedorn for State Supreme Court Justice, when he was getting destroyed in the Polls against a tough Democrat Candidate who had no chance of losing. After my endorsement, Hagedorn easily won!…” Trump tweeted.

He added in a second tweet: “…WOW, he just voted against me in a Big Court Decision on voter fraud (of which there was much!), despite many pages of dissent from three highly respected Justices. One thing has nothing to do with another, but we ended up losing 4-3 in a really incorrect ruling!”

He then called on Republican legislators to overturn the election.

“Great Republicans in Wisconsin should take these 3 strong decisions to their State Legislators and overturn this ridiculous State Election. We won in a LANDSLIDE!” Trump declared.