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Group Of Regretful Conservatives Condemn Trump After Voting For Him In 2016



A group of regretful conservative voters, who elected Donald Trump in 2016, spoke with POLITICO this week and condemned the president.

The chief concern of many of these voters is they are sick of the way the president bullies others and makes embarrassing statements on a daily basis.

“Every time he opens his mouth, it is a cringeworthy moment for the world,” Nebraska native Elaine Dlouhy explained. “I don’t know how to say that in a nice way.”

Dlouhy told the publication that she’s now backing Joe Biden despite the fact that she’s uncomfortable with his stance on abortion simply because Trump is “comical and… embarrassing.”

36-year-old Erik Miller tells POLITICO that he’s very supportive of the president’s policy agenda, but he just can’t get over the way the president treats other people.

“It’s the bullying and the ‘winning’ that bothers me, because that’s a hard one to explain to my kids,” he said. “Am I OK with sitting down with my family and saying, ‘Hey guys, we’re on board with this guy [Trump] … but we’re going to ignore—just set aside—all the other things? That might be a little bit tricky.”

And 42-year-old Robert Joseph also tells POLITICO that he can’t look his children in the eye while also giving Trump a second term.

“Through the whole Trump presidency, I’ve raised a kid to 8 years old. I’m here to tell you, I just think he’s the sweetest, nicest, most empathetic young man,” he said. “And the problems I have with Trump are exactly in opposition to how I’ve raised him, whether it’s discipline in what you say and what you do or teaching kids to admit when they’re wrong.”

You can read the full POLITICO report HERE.

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