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GOP Strategist Says Trump Needed Oxygen Because He’s a ‘Robust Quarterback’



Appearing on Fox News on Sunday, Republican strategist Brad Blakeman compared President Donald Trump with a “robust quarterback” who is on the sidelines doctors were forced to give him supplemental oxygen while treating him for COVID-19. He also blasted Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for talking to reporters about the president’s condition.

“Everybody should stay in their lane,” Blakeman said after being asked whether the White House has been less than transparent about the president’s health. “If you’re not a doctor and you’re a staffer and you’re not competent to talk about the medical condition of the president then you leave it to the professionals,” he added.

“Maybe [Meadows] was alarmed because anytime you see somebody who is so robust getting oxygen, they may be more concerned than the clinical people who are treating the president,” he continued.

“After all, you just talked about the NFL, when we see a robust quarterback on the sidelines take oxygen, nobody is concerned about whether he’s going to be able to finish the game,” Blakeman told Fox News host Trace Gallagher moments after Dr. Sean Conley finally admitted that Trump’s oxygen levels had dropped below 94% on two occasions.

According to Blakeman, Conley can be excused for hiding the fact that Trump was put on oxygen because it was not “material to the president’s condition.”

“It was incidental,” he said. “Receiving oxygen when the president has such high blood-oxygen levels is not extraordinary. And I’m not a doctor. How do I know that? Because that’s what the doctors have told us.”

Watch the video below from Fox News.

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