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GOP Senate Candidate Scrambles After Photo Emerges Showing Her Marching With Proud Boys Toward The Capitol On Jan. 6



January 6 riot

A photo has emerged online showing Republican Senate candidate Kathy Barnette, of Pennsylvania, marching alongside Proud Boys toward the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Though there has been no photographic evidence that “ultra MAGA” Republican entered the Capitol building, NBC News has verified the photo of her marching toward the building. The network also reported that some Proud Boys in the photo were later arrested and indicted for breaking in and assaulting police.

In response to the publication of the photo, Barnette’s campaign scrambled to deny any connection to the proud boys.

“Kathy was in DC to support President Trump and demand election accountability. Any assertion that she participated in or supported the destruction of property is intentionally false. She has no connection whatsoever to the proud boys,” the campaign told NBC News.

Check the photo below:

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