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GOP Rep. Arrested After Choking And Kicking Pregnant Girlfriend During Vicious Attack



New Hampshire Republican Rep. Robert Forsythe was arrested after he brutally attacked his pregnant girlfriend during a vicious attack. Now, people callings for his resignation.

According to the Concord Monitor, Forysthe, who is up for re-election in November, was charged with one felony count of second-degree assault and two misdemeanor counts of domestic violence in the June 28 attack in Boscawen.

The report states that police found the lawmaker “very intoxicated” outside a home at 1:20 a.m. when they responded to a domestic violence call.

Forsythe initially told the officer that he had been raped. Police then went inside to speak with a woman who said she had invited him over to sober up.

According to the victim, she noticed Forysthe was carrying a knife in his waistband. When she asked him why he was carrying that he said, “because it made her scared.”

The violent attack started after the woman told Forsythe that the baby she was carrying could be his. They started by “fooling around” until he “freaked out” and attacked her.

The victim goes on to accuse Forsythe of kneeing her in the back, grabbing her arms, and then choking her. She managed to grab the knife and escape. That’s when she was able to call 911 from outside the home.

The woman eventually made her way back inside when Forsythe went outside looking for her. She locked the door behind him, but she said he kicked his way back inside before police arrived.

Officers said Forsythe resisted arrest and tried to flee, but police placed him in handcuffs and got him into a cruiser, where he continued kicking.

Following the incident, Republican Gov. Chris Sununu called on Forsythe to resign. But according to House Republican Leader Dick Hinch, people can just vote Forsythe out if they wanted to.

“Rep. Forsythe is the only person who can put pen to paper, and sign a resignation letter,” Hinch said. “The people of Boscawen have the right to ask him to resign if they believe he can no longer represent them. They also have the ability to vote for alternative candidates, including write-ins, if they believe they no longer want Rep. Forsythe to represent them in Concord.”

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